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Serving Clayton, Garner and Raleigh, NC Areas

Search homes for sale in Cary, Clayton, Garner and Raleigh, NC areas. Buying or selling a home in North Carolina area and need a Realtor? Michele Molinaro has decades of business and sales experience ready to help each and every client at Ford Corroo Realty find their Happy Place.


Good marketing can bring higher prices in a seller's market and the difference between "sold" or "expired" in a buyer's market.


Pricing a home is a skill and an art. The price is also the most important part of getting your home sold. Let's work together to get your house sold.


I am professional who ensures customers are treated fairly and ethically in all transaction-related matters.

Buying Or Selling

For most Americans, a home is the most expensive purchase they'll make in their lifetime. It's a serious transaction with significant financial and emotional ramifications for the parties involved. Having proper representation is critical.

Michele Molinaro believes there are three crucial components to a successful Real Estate transaction - Marketing, Price and Ethics.

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Home Staging Tips

Home staging is a way of showing your house in the best possible light to prospective buyers in order to sell it faster and for a better price. Home staging involves a process of de-cluttering, redecorating, arranging furniture and accessorizing in a way that is designed to appeal to a broader array of buyers.

» Why Is Color Important? Color tends to evoke strong emotional responses. A decorator uses color as a tool to unify pieces in a room. Color is a decorator's biggest weapon.

» Why Is Lighting Important? Correct lighting in a room will determine how we perceive everything. Natural and artificial light will help set the correct emotions for a room.

» Why Is Furniture Important? Rooms appear larger and show more possibilities when furnished. Empty rooms do not have much ambiance and make visualization difficult for buyers. Furniture placement in a space allows buyers to gauge how their own furnishings will fit into the room.

About Michele Molinaro

I am Michele Molinaro - NYC born and raised who has found her slice of Paradise in Clayton, North Carolina!!

I was raised to be an independent thinker and hard-working businesswoman. My mentor was my Dad, a retired New York City police officer turned private business owner who passed on his philosophy to me. "ALWAYS keep your focus on treating people with kindness, fairness and respect".

My journey has taken me to many places. A few years ago, my husband Tony and I relocated to North Carolina and realized right away that this was home. Tony and I have been married for over 29 years and enjoy a life of true partnership in marriage and business. Our first business was a successful Italian restaurant in the state of Connecticut. Looking for new ways to grow that business we found the World Wide Web, better known today as the Internet. That first restaurant website led us to become successful online entrepreneurs. That success allowed us to eventually sell the restaurant and start our Internet businesses. We left snow and ice and moved to the sunshine state of Florida. After several years and several visits to North Carolina we decided it was time to move again.

With each change of address I immediately fell into the "moving groove". My college interior decorating courses and certification in home staging complimented the excitement I felt during the entire process.

We have been extremely fortunate with the success of our Internet businesses and Tony is thriving on the challenges of continuing to reach new levels of achievement. This gives me the ability to pursue something I have had on my bucket list for some time now; being a REALTOR.

This new chapter in my life will allow me to combine my decades of business, sales and internet experience. This means I will be helping each and every new client I have at Ford Corroo Realty to find their "Happy Place".

From New York, to Connecticut, to Florida and finally North Carolina, I feel confident saying my clients will be dealing with a "Relocation Expert".

Helping every client at Ford Corroo Realty to find their "Happy Place".

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